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Congratulations to Wushu West at CMAT 2018!

I am so proud of every single one of my students at CMAT! Their discipline, passion, unyielding drive to improve, and sense of teamwork with each other makes me feel so lucky to have such a magical team.

A big thank you to Sandra, Cary, Allison, Brian, Kalon, Elena, all of the parents, and friends that came out to support us this weekend!

Soon entering high school, my student Adam has decided to challenge himself and enter this year in the elite Advanced division, performing well and obtaining valuable experience!

Congratulations to Adam, Allison, Arthur, Evelyn, Gabby, Jonathan, Leo, Logan, Miriam, Silvia, and Umaru!


Happy Holidays and Happy New Year!

Classes will resume on January 2nd.

We are looking forward to seeing everyone fresh, energetic, and ready to go for the new year!

Improve your health, relax your mind and body, and cultivate your Qi! Try Wushu West yourself or give the gift of 3 classes today for only $45!

We offer both Taiji/Qigong and Wushu classes, contact us now! New Year's Promotion ends January 31st.


Sun's out, guns out! Improve your athleticism this summer with our new student promotion!

Been meaning to try out Wushu West? Join us this summer and try 3 classes for only $45! See you there!


Master Hao Zhihua and Sun Jianming practice session in Tokyo, Japan

On a recent trip to teach a master class in Tokyo, Japan, Master Hao Zhihua was happy to see Wushu thriving and had a quick practice session with her Beijing Wushu Team teammate Sun Jianming, 孙建明.


25th CMAT this weekend March 25th - March 26th!

The famous annual UC Berkeley Chinese Martial Arts Tournament is this weekend and we wish our students the best!

Master Hao Zhihua will be performing Chen style Taiji and Baguazhang at the Master Demo on Saturday at 8:00 pm, you wouldn't want to miss this.

The Wushu West team will be there supporting each other and having an awesome time, so join us!

加油!!! Jia You!!!


Mind, Body, and Soul Spring Cleaning!

Wushu West is offering a special Spring introductory offer for new students! Spring forward and try your first 4 Wushu West classes for only $80.

Want a little more? Get 8 full classes for only $120.

Trim the nonessential from your body and gather inner peace and presence of mind.

We'll see you at the studio! ♥


New Second Location Starting Sunday January 8th and December Break!

Wushu West is excited to announce that Master Hao Zhihua will be teaching Taiji classes, Yang style 42 and Chen style, at a second location on Sunday mornings in Berkeley!

10:00 am - 11:00 am

Yang style 42 Form
Beginner and Intermediate

11:00 am - 12:00 pm

Chen style
Beginner and Intermediate

These classes will be held at:
Studio Twelve
2525 8th St
Berkeley, CA 94710

Our holiday break starts Wednesday, December 21st and classes will resume on Tuesday, January 3rd.

Wish you all happy holidays and happy Qi for a strong start to new years resolutions for a healthy and energetic 2017, year of the rooster! Jia you!


Winter Open House

Wushu West invites you to visit our school at our end of the year open house!

Join us for an amazing performance from our Wushu and Taiji students, Master Hao Zhihua, and special guests!

Food and drink will be provided! Mark your calendars!


12:30 pm
Saturday, December 3rd


200 Grand Ave
Oakland, CA 94610

We'll see you there!


Qigong of Unconditional Love with Master Li Junfeng

Wushu West is excited to offer:

Space is limited! Note, the venue will be:

Studio Twelve
2525 8th St
Berkeley, CA 94710


Master Hao Zhihua Performs at IDF 2016

Master Hao Zhihua gave a first-ever, breathtaking and unique performance for the Intel Developer Forum 2016 in April in Shenzhen, China. Intel's new Curie Module allowed Master Hao's martial arts movements to be tracked in real-time. This data when combined with pattern matching, could trigger rich colorful visuals, creating an artistic pairing that has never been done before.

Intel's new SoC for wearable computing combined well with Master Hao's artistry in Taiji, Bagua, and Wushu sword. Master Hao felt wonderful in sharing her life's work and art with such a large, international audience, bringing this hugely successful performance to life with a great, dedicated team.


Taiji Sessions with Master Hao Zhihua

Collaboration with the esteemed Pete Lee.