Master Hao Zhihua

Hao Zhihua began her journey in Wushu at the age of nine when she was chosen to study at the Beijing Shi Cha Hai Sports School under the instruction of Wu Bin, one of the nineteen highest ranked martial artists in China, director of the Beijing Institute for Wushu Research, and pioneer of modern Wushu in China. For fifteen years she competed in China as a member of the world-renowned Beijing Wushu Team, winning the title of National All-Around Champion three years in a row.

Hao Zhihua has the unique distintion of being the only person in China's history to have won six gold medals, in addition to on silver medal, in a single national competition. She is also one of only two Wushu athletes, along with teammate Jet Li, who have ever received the "Ten Best Athletes in China" award. In total, she accumulated over 80 gold, silver, and bronze medals during her competitive career.

In addition to coach Wu Bin, Hao Zhihua trained under coach Li Junfeng and studied Yang style Taiji under master Yang Zhenduo, fostering her expertise in long fist, Yang and Chen style Taiji, broadsword, straightsword, staff, spear, eagle claw, Baguazhang, snake fist, double hook sword, single and double chain whip and double broadsword.

After leaving the Beijing Wushu Team, she received a special invitation to attend the Beijing Teacher's College of Physical Education for an intensive degree program in physical education. After graduating, she continued to teach at the college for two years before leaving China. She taught abroad before finally settling in Berkeley, California in 1990, founding Wushu West to coach Wushu, Taiji, and Baguazhang in both English and Mandarin.

Master Haozhihua maintains a close connection with the Beijing Shi Cha Hai Sports School and brings students every summer to live, study and train with China's top professional martial artists in the state of the art facility in the heart of Beijing. Their curriculum includes intense daily wushu, sanshou, and taiji training.

Most recently, Master Haozhihua was feature on NBC News during the 2008 Beijing Olympics, on Brazilian national television training with several leading Capoeira masters and in a special edition of Zhong Hua Wushu Magazine, China's most highly circulated martial arts periodical.

Mark Moran

Mark began his Wushu training at Wushu West in 1995. In 2000, he was both the Western Regional Grand Champion and the National Silver Medalist for Nanquan (Southern Fist).

Mark has trained extensively in China with the Beijing, Shanghai, Shandong, and Shaanxi Professional Wushu Teams. His instructors include some of the best coaches and athletes in China, including Wu Bin, Zhang Xian Ming, Cao Wei Ming, Yang Rong Kuan, Xie Fu Yan, Wang Peng Sheng, and many others.

He has trained at the Beijing Shi Cha Hai Sports School, Beijing Sports University, People's University of China, Shandong Provincial Wushu School, Jimei Sports University, the Shanghai Wushu Center, the Shanghai School of Sports and Exercise Science, and the Shaanxi Provincial Sports Center.

Mark's specialties include Nanquan (Southern Fist), Nangun (Southern Staff), and Nandao (Southern Saber). Mark is currently training with the Shaanxi wushu Team in Xi'an, China.

Peter Pebler

Peter has been studing Wushu for over twelve years and brings a history of dedication and perserverence to Wushu West. He has competed and placed in several regional and national Wushu tournaments and was the 1999 U.C. Berkeley Chinese Martial Arts Tournament tournament director, the largest Wushu Tournament in the U.S.

Peter specializes in Nanquan (Southern Fist), Qiangshu (Spear), Daoshu (Broadsword), and Baguazhang.

Lynda Cence

Lynda brings a background in traditional southern Chinese Martial Arts to Wushu West, having trained in Tibetan White Crane for several years. She has been at Wushu West for over eight years and has travelled extensively to China to receive training at the Beijing Shi Cha Hai Sports School with the Beijing Wushu Team.

Lynda's specialites include Changquan (Long Fist), Jianshu (Straightsword), and Ying Zhaoquan (Eagle Claw).

Pierre Combes

Pierre is one of Wushu West's most driven students and is a very pragmatic instructor. His previous training in White Crane and Fencing has made him a very versatile martial artist and very practical in the application of Wushu

Pierre's specialties are Nanquan (Southern Fist), Nandao (Southern Saber), and Pu Dao (Horse Chopper).