Why Practice Wushu?

Wushu is the Chinese term for martial arts. With origins dating back over 2000 years, it is considered one of China's great cultural treasures. Chinese Wushu combines dynamic movements with aesthetic beauty to help build physical condition, mental focus, and discipline.

At Wushu West we provide instruction based on the individual's needs; whether you are training for international competition and require the latest in scientific approaches to Wushu training, or you are interested in exploring the intense and challenging world of martial arts for the first time. With the incredible depth of Wushu culture, there is an aspect of Wushu for every student.

Physical Fitness and Mental Strength

There are many benefits for those who practice Wushu. Physically, Wushu improves muscular strength, endurance, and flexibility. It emphasizes superb control of one's body, utilitizing coordination, balance, power, and relaxation. Even the most basic stances, punches, and kicks help increase strength and flexibility, while advanced movements and aerial techniques teach speed, coordination, and explosive power.

Many students state that Wushu has put them in the best shape of their life, and many people also find Wushu an excellent way to stay fit and lose excess pounds. Students who train in Wushu are well-exquipped for all other types of sports and martial arts training.

Focus and Discipline

Wushu also emphasizes mental focus and discipline. The practice of Wushu helps students create a focused determination and provides a venue for the development of singular awareness - the ability to be in tune and aware of one's surroundings and to focus and live in the present moment, free from mental distractions.

Self Confidence

In addition, Wushu is a performance art and helps students to develop confidence to perform in front of not only their classmates, but also large audiences at demonstrations, performances, and competitions. This public display of skill creates the mental and emotional leverage required to bring a student's focus and training to the next level. Moreover, competitions thoughout the year provide the opportunity to not only compete against other students from around the country and the world, but to foster relationships with other Wushu practitioners and enthusiasts from all walks of life.

Life Skills

The discipline and confidence developed while practicing Wushu is applicable to everyday life, whether studying for a test at school, training in other sports, or giving a big presentation at work, Wushu is a resource that can help bring out the best in each of us.


Weapons training is avilable to complement the empty hand training of Wushu. In addition to the four principle weapons of Wushu (Spear, Staff, Broadsword, and Straightsword), students also have the opportunity to learn a variety of traditional weapons. Weapons training helps the body and mind develop a level of coordination not possible with a strictly non-weapon curriculum.

Wushu has taught me many things that nothing else could. Wushu does not only teach one how to jump, spin or kick, but gives you lessons you can live your whole life by; discipline, self-control and most importantly, Wushu teaches you about you. In my case, it gave me a goal for life. I have met so many interesting and benevolent people who I would never have met if I were not practicing. I am in better shape than I would ever have been without Wushu and am able to do things that I never could have dreamed of. Wushu has become one of my passions and has defined the life I live today. If I never walked through these doors, I have no idea where I would be or what I'd be doing.

- Collin Lee

Taking classes at Wushu West has led to a big improvement in my strength and flexibility. It has been a big part of the reason I have lost thirty pounds since the beginning of the year!
In these classes you will be pushed and will push yourself harder than you had ever thought possible.

- Pierre Combes