Watch Master Hao’s incredible performance for Intel in China

Master Hao Zhihua gave a first-ever, enchanting, and unique performance for the Intel Developer Forum 2016 in April in Shenzhen, China. This new wearable Intel technology allowed Master Hao’s martial arts movements to be tracked in real-time, giving amazing artistic effects that has never been seen before:

It was such a great idea to pair Intel’s technology with Master Hao’s artistry in Taichi, Bagua, and Wushu sword. Master Hao felt wonderful in sharing her life’s work and art with such a large, international audience–bringing this hugely successful performance to life with a great, dedicated team (in collaboration with Clarity Creative Group).

Great job Wushu West students at CMAT 2016!

Wushu West had a great time at the 24th CMAT competition in Berkeley, CA. Competitors came from all over the United States to show their hard-earned skills, and Wushu West had great representation in both the Wushu and Internal Martial Arts (Taichi and Bagua) competitions.

Master Hao Zhihua with her Wushu West CMAT competitors

Master Hao Zhihua with her Wushu West CMAT competitors



All gold medals for the internal martial arts students of Master Hao Zhihua (in Taichi and Bagua Zhang competitions)

We had amazing Wushu beginners who even came when they were very sick, just to give their all and their best, because of the encouragement and great support from their parents. This is a great example for children in showing their confidence and dedication of both students and parents alike.

Thank you for all the Wushu West students who competed, Master Hao is proud that her students have shown their mental strength, skills, and hard work at CMAT.

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Wushu West is unique because Sifu Patti leads students with engaging warm-ups, cardio, and Qigong before beginning Taichi. Qigong and Taichi is known for its many health benefits both in science and traditional Chinese therapy. Exercises such as taichi has shown to help delay dementia, increase balance, circulation, and immunity. Taichi also helps sleep, relieves pain and reduces stress. Our students, young and old, have felt the results immediately.

Sifu Patti leads the class with meditative and healing qigong exercises

Sifu Patti leads the class with meditative and healing qigong exercises

Sifu Patti encourages low stance work to increase your strength and core stamina. Students should still do what is comfortable for their level.

Sifu Patti encourages low stance work to increase your strength and core stamina. Students should still do what is comfortable for their level.

Qigong and Taichi’s Scientific Health Benefits

Qigong and Taichi have powerful health benefits found in science, such as stress reduction, DNA repair, and weight loss. Qigong (气功), or “breath work,” is an ancient Chinese mind-body exercise characterized by deep abdominal breathing and mind-focusing activities. Taiji Quan (太极拳), or “Taichi,” means “the supreme ultimate fist,” is both an ancient Chinese self-defense and physical exercise. Taichi practice includes Qigong.


Sifu Patti teaching a taichi form in her class

Qigong has been shown in studies to decrease stress and increase DNA repair:

  • A study of highly-stressed students that took 10 weeks of Qigong found that these students had improved immunity (higher IgA) and lower stress (cortisol hormone) in their saliva samples compared to students who did not practice Qigong (Chan 2013).
  • A randomized controlled trial of chronic fatigue patients who took 4 months of Qigong found that there was a statistically significant increase in DNA repair (telomerase activity) in blood samples and a statistically significant improvement in fatigue symptoms (Ho 2012).

Deep breathing exercises, such as Qigong and Taichi, can allow your body to lose weight. Watch this biochemistry PhD explain in her TEDx video how she was able to burn more fat doing taichi, than even running. When our body is under stress and adrenaline, our body burns sugar (glucose) not fat. The reason is that glucose gives more energy (9 calories/gm) than fat (4 calories/gm), and under stress your body will choose the substance with the most fuel in a fight-or-flight/stress response.

Wushu West wishes you a Happy and Healthy 2016! Please click here for more information on our Qigong/Taichi class and look at our special deal for new students.

Scientific information provided by:
Amy Penn, MS
Research Assistant & WW Student

Tai Chi at Wushu West

Develop your physical and mental strength, flexibility, and emotional balance with Tai Chi classes at Wushu West!

Here, Master Hao Zhi Hua demonstrates Chen style Tai Chi.

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Wushu West has been teaching traditional and contemporary wushu, taiji quan, and bagua zhang in the San Francisco Bay Area for over 20 years. The curriculum includes open-hand and weapon forms, national and international level competition preparation for wushu athletes, and Chen, Yang, Wu and Push Hands training for taiji students. Master Hao Zhi Hua (Patti Li) was a star performer, along with teammate Jet Li, on the original Beijing Wushu Team for 15 years... Read more.